28 December 2007

no baby news yet!

maggie is still an only child. i saw the dr. on wednesday and everything looks good. we're just waiting!
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11 December 2007

maggie's first haircut

not so sure about those scissors

it could have been worse...

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29 November 2007

birthday wishes

just wanted to say happy birthday to ken. he has had an incredible influence on my life and
i am extremely grateful for him and my dear sister.
i don't think it's any small coincidence that his birthday falls on the same day as the birthday of c.s. lewis. someone else who has helped push me closer to Christ.

so happy birthday to you too, jack.

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28 November 2007


with all of the family in town, we decided to eat our turkey at the dining common. here are some pics with the casilli.

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19 November 2007

pj's with feet!

even though it's 70 degrees today, we have had some cool nights. maggie just cracked up when i put these on her for the first time!

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16 November 2007

new hats

maggie inherited 2 winter hats from the twins so we decided to share with caleb. we hope it is keeping him warm in wisconsin!

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09 November 2007


we had a great weekend with the nyes in parma, ohio. maggie was obsessed with these baby dolls.
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06 November 2007

friends and family

we are very blessed to have so many friends here in greenville. last week maggie and i were able to spend a lot of time with some of them. i've posted some pictures below for your viewing pleasure.

apple orchard with the free presbyterians

we had fun with bridget and taylor and the other moms and kids at the apple orchard. we took a hayride, walked through a corn maze and saw some animals.
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adelyn was kind enough to invite us to her class one day last week and then over to her house to play. we had fun and even got to see the meachums. it didn't end that well, though. amidst the hugging goodbye, maggie took a tumble. adelyn was there to help her up, though.
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soccer game

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sweet little caedmon

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31 October 2007

where HAVEN'T we been?

here's a brief rundown of some of our last trip. we are so thankful for the Lord's grace and also for the use of aunt kathy's car!
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harvest pictures

it was a great missions conference to end our long trip. we were with many veteran gfa missionaries from our church and were able to spend time with the arnolds. so we were with people who have both survived and are surviving this crazy thing called "deputation!"
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we spent most of a day touring gettysburg from the arnolds' van. it was fun though i don't think the kids were too impressed. our favorite part was spending time with the other missionaries-especially dr. b!
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if you spend any time at all with maggie lately she will tell you about the dairy farm where we stayed in pa and how the cow licked her hand. it was cold in the morning so she borrowed someone's hat. i don't think it's really "her."
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some of our favorite missionaries

we've had the blessing of being at two missions conferences with the gibb family. they are extra special to us since they are going to vanuatu, the mission field of john and maggie paton. at both conferences their family was an encouragement and a challenge. you can read more about them on their website.
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mystic sweet communion with those whose rest is won

while in mass, we were able to visit some j. edwards sites and the graveyard where david brainerd, jerusha edwards, solomon stoddard and timothy dwight are buried. there were also memorials to the edwards. words really can't explain the blessing. the edwards' sights were especially interesting since i'm reading marriage to a difficult man (ignore the title, read the book) about edwards. i think the time at brainerd's grave will be one of the top 5 highlights of deputation for me. steve posted more pics on our other website.

25 October 2007

finally home

yes, we are finally home after 4 weeks of traveling. i'll try to post some pictures from our trip soon. we've been spending a lot of time cleaning and organizing and trying to figure out how to live in one place for so long! thanks for praying for us.
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