31 July 2009

ladies outing

we visited gwydir castle & gardens and had a cream tea down in llanrwst yesterday. the Lord gave us beautiful weather and great fellowship! it's hard to believe that we've been here for over 8 months. in some ways i feel like we've been here forever. in other ways i feel so unsure of everything and everyone. very thankful for the friendships that are beginning to form.
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29 July 2009


we hiked up a hill not too far from our flat on monday night. it felt weird to not have any visitors with us. we just kept thinking "the boys would have loved this!" at the same time, it was good to just be with our little family! i was just glad to get a picture where gwyneth was actually looking at the camera.
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25 July 2009


it's been a busy couple of weeks to say the least. we dropped our 3rd set of visitors this month off at the airport yesterday. we LOVED having everyone here and even though we're tired, we were sad to see the boys go. they were a blessing to us and to our church. this morning we have a coffee morning at the community centre. tomorrow steve preaches in the morning at a church in llandudno and we have our evening service here in our flat. abbie and i are getting ready for our ladies outing on thursday and steve is working hard to prepare for our Bible club in august. well, that's the latest!

17 July 2009

coming and going

well, lisa has come and gone and we had a great time with her! it was kind of hard to see her go but we're thankful that she could come and get a taste of our day to day lives. justin and andrew arrived yesterday and have been a lot of fun already. gwyneth has taken to andrew pretty quickly and of course maggie is enjoying all of the attention.

why not give it a try?


10 July 2009


we experienced the train for the first time when we all went to llandudno on it. it was a fun and relaxing way to travel! we enjoyed some shopping and walking along the promenade. daniel did have to fight a sea gull for his sandwich but other than that, we had a great time!
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plenty of mac time!

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09 July 2009

08 July 2009

visit from the arnolds continued...

it was fun taking jenn and the kids to the grocery store and to the park-just showing them what our life is like here.

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visit from the arnolds

we had a wonderful visit from the arnolds and i'm not sure where to begin as far as posting pictures. here's one from the day they got here. it was great to have another "nursery worker" at church. (yes, they flew all night on tuesday and came to prayer meeting on wednesday. are they great missionaries or what?)
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02 July 2009


i am sorry to report that i failed my driving test. it was a big disappointment as i thought i had done a really good job, but he failed me on a couple of what i thought were minor errors. the whole thing seems a bit subjective. anyway, i won't say any more about it b/c i've decided to not be upset about it but take it from the LORD. i've booked another test for 3 august and we'll give it another go. many people here take it 2 or 3 or even 5 times so it shouldn't have been too surprising. in other news, daniel, jenn and children are here for a few days and we're having a great time showing them our life. i'm still amazed that they were able to come and i know it will be difficult to see them go. the children are playing relatively well together, the men are solving the world's theological problems and jenn and i are trying to figure out how/when/where we can get away w/out the kids and husbands for a few hours.