28 September 2008

vacation pictures

if i did this correctly, you can view some of our vacation pictures here.  

23 September 2008

we're back!

we had a great vacation and we're excited to get back to packing.  i'll try to post some vacation pictures soon.

13 September 2008


We leave today for our vacation.  If you think about it, please pray that we have a restful and spiritually profitable week as a family.  Things are going to be pretty crazy for us for a while until we get settled in Wales (we're planning to move in November, the LORD willing).

12 September 2008

when mom's away...

during our ikea trip, the girls spent the day at the yosts' house and had a great time!  i can't believe that i watched margaret in the cdc and now here she is helping watch my margaret!  

ikea trip

cherith, gwyneth and i had a great time in atlanta last week.  gwyneth was sooo well behaved and i enjoyed introducing the wonders of ikea to cherith.  

11 September 2008

try them on for size?

my 2nd trip to charlotte ended with an impromptu visit to the talbot's outlet (thanks to lisa, my trusted companion).  among other things i was able to get some great rain boots!  i'm told that we'll call them wellies in wales.  maggie seems to like them.

10 September 2008

"new" dresser

we've been trying our hand at painting furniture lately.  we bought this maple dresser at goodwill a few years ago and finally decided to paint it.  steve had already taken the drawers out and removed the wooden handles before i thought to take a picture.  you get the idea.  of course, a chocolate shake from chik-fil-a was just what we needed to get the job done!

09 September 2008

picnic at the park

a week or so ago we had a little family picnic at the park.  it was gwyneth's first time in a swing (i think?)

08 September 2008


we had a great meeting yesterday in mountain home, nc.  the ast. pastor that we had lunch w/ is nanc certified so you can imagine all of the fun i had talking with him about counseling, etc.  we are just about ready to send in our visa applications, maggie now regularly talks to her imaginary friend "linguini" (from ratatouille) and gwyneth has 6 teeth, can roll over and sit up by herself.  we are trying to pack what we can and getting very excited about our move to wales.  i am adjusting to using iphotos for blogging and am hoping to get back in to blogging this week.  thanks for tuning in.

grandma and gwyneth

new haircut for mommy

dessert quesadillas

place tortilla in heated skillet (with peanut butter spread on one side on it)
place chocolate chips on peanut butter
when choc chips start to melt, fold tortilla 
flip tortilla 
serve and enjoy!

blueberry picking and fun with adelyn

well, we ended up with 2 pints of blueberries but i think it was fun for everyone.