19 November 2008

finally here!

it's been a busy week but we are very thankful for everything we've been able to do.  steve has been practicing driving, begun painting our apartment, and worked on a number of other odds and ends.  the girls have been adjusting.  the time change wasn't too bad but gwyneth seems to have some sort of a cold.  i've been busy buying appliances.  it's been kind of fun and kind of overwhelming.  the temptation to speak with a british accent is almost too much at times.  the nicholsons are taking very good care of us and we are so glad to be here!

12 November 2008

the airport

we said goodbye to our friends and now we're here waiting at gsp.  our flight was delayed and we're hoping/praying there won't be any conflicts with our connecting flight in chicago.  i guess there's some bad weather there.  thanks for praying.


our bags are packed and we're ready to go...and maggie likes her new headphones so that she can watch "little einsteins" on the ipod.  we've had a great last couple of days and we're leaving in the morning, the Lord willing.

06 November 2008

election day

we were thankful to vote before leaving the country.  we even got to go downtown for a picnic and enjoy some beautiful weather.

05 November 2008

all good things must come to an end

we had our final deputation service in westerville, oh a week ago. it was a blessing to be in abbie's home church and to spend time w/ her family there.