09 July 2011

no turkey on the 4th of july

when steve told a man in our church that we would be celebrating the 4th the man asked if we would be eating turkey! no turkey but it was a fun day with the nicholsons. our patriotism is viewed as just well, very american=)
we let gwyneth and sarah sit at the coveted little table (usually maggie and daniel)

all american desserts!

maggie and daniel having fun!


we finished the meal with some s'mores. how american was that?
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05 July 2011

carnival and castle

we went to our local village carnival recently.  the girls weren't too crazy about the loud music, cotton candy  or any of it, really.  i think they liked the ride.  we stopped by the castle on the way home for a few photos. 

let's go fly a kite...

a week or so ago, we woke up to beautiful sunshine. we decided to head to the beach for a picnic and some kite flying. unfortunately, by the time we got to the beach, it was dreary and much cooler (we are beginning to understand why many british people often find themselves eating their lunch in their cars). it was great kite weather, though and fun to explore a new beach in our new neck of the woods.
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