23 February 2010

quick visit from our resident photographers

Yusdi and Jessica were in our neck of the woods recently and came for our sunday morning service and lunch (abbie's incredible chicken enchiladas and fresh salsa!)  jessica has posted a few of her fabulous photos on her blog.  enjoy!

12 February 2010

a new look

well, i finally made some changes on the blog.  "baby on board" was mostly created to keep our friends and family updated while we traveled on deputation.  now that we are here, i wanted a title that captured a little more than that.  and a blog that communicated a little more than cute photos of the kids.  so here it is.

11 February 2010

S is for Snowman!

last friday was "S" day and so we watched "The Snowman" (which i had never seen until coming here) and made banana snowmen. i think this was our best craft yet-mostly because we could eat it-also because our new friend joan was there.
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10 February 2010

getting ready

i thought these ideas were helpful. i think we'll try the jar of sweet words. we could use a few of those around here!

04 February 2010

little mummy

maggie's main christmas present was a new pram for her baby. here are a few photos from the first walk.
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