27 January 2012

the birthday party

we had a snowman theme and invited the nicholsons and a neighbor family.  gwyneth seemed to enjoy it.  when she went to bed that night she said she was going to dream about lovely parties and being 4.

24 January 2012

the birthday

just over 4 years ago, God brought a quiet and stubborn little baby in to our family.  she came two weeks past her due date and certainly not the way that i had prayed for.  and now she is still quietly stubborn and doing things not exactly the way that i would like.  so unlike her older sister, she is shy and wild and crazy at the same time.  no sitting and looking at books for hours.  no sitting and listening to books for hours (unless it's about a little girl named lucy and her faun friend).  no looking people in the eye and flashing bright smiles.  nope.  she smiles when she's good and ready and not a minute before.  she runs not walks.  she screams not laughs.  she is my gwyneth grace.  and i am falling in love with her.  and i am learning to stop praying that she will be like me and that she will be wild and crazy for Jesus.