23 April 2009


we were able to go to a medieval event at denbigh castle last week with the pictons and the nicholsons (sans abbie and sarah). the kids got sunburned (who would have thought?!?) but we had a great time.
you can view photos here.

20 April 2009

resurrection sunday

this is the best picture we got of the girls.

here are the kids saying john 11.25. maggie wouldn't say it and insists on my standing up there with her. daniel said it quietly. josie did a great job.
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18 April 2009

16 April 2009

hiking with the nicholsons

this hill is pretty close to the nicholsons' so we walked up after dinner the other night. from the top you have a great view of abergele and the sea. gwyneth wasn't excited about being the only one not walking! abbie's mom was here so she took the group picture.

more fun at the beach

chester, england

a few weeks ago we visited chester, england for the day. it was a little bit of home for us as we visited a tk maxx (just like tj maxx) and starbucks. there was also a live nativity which maggie enjoyed. i think it was supposed to be evangelistic but we didn't stay for the whole thing. the idea being "you never know where/when Jesus is going to show up." interesting.

09 April 2009


on monday a retired welsh gentleman took us to a farm to see the baby lambs.  it was incredible!  they were just a few days old.  maggie and gwyneth loved it!
we think this one was ready to go in to labor at any minute!

of course, daniel was just as excited about all of the farm equipment as he was about the lambs.