25 February 2009

new song

we are learning many new songs and new tunes to old songs these days. here's one by charles wesley that we are enjoying learning:

Jesus, the name high over all
In hell, or earth, or sky;
Angels and men before it fall,
And devils fear and fly.

Jesus, the name to sinners dear,
The name to sinners given.
It scatters all their guilty fear,
It turns their hell to heaven.

Jesus the prisoner's fetters breaks,
And bruises Satan's head,
Power into strengthless souls it speaks,
And life into the dead.

Oh, that the world might taste and see
The riches of his grace!
The arms of love that compass me
Would all mankind embrace.

His only righteousness I show,
His saving truth proclaim:
'Tis all my business here below,
To cry, "Behold the Lamb!"

Happy, if with my latest breath
I may but gasp his name!
Preach him to all, and cry in death,
"Behold! behold the Lamb."

the rest of the pictures

can be found here

14 February 2009

valentine's date

the nicholsons watched the kids for the afternoon on friday (we watched their kids on thurs.) and we went in to llandudno.  we had lunch, did some shopping and went to a costa's (the closest thing we could find to starbucks-it brought tears to my eyes when we walked in).  we spent about an hour enjoying our mochas and talking without being interrupted and it was very nice.  (here are some pictures of us w/out the kids, stephanie=)

valentine's day craft

both of the girls actually did this one so that was fun.  gwyneth was very pleased with herself!

09 February 2009

some maggieness

helping make hummus


open house at the newly renovated abergele library

06 February 2009


steve has been trying to post more often on our "ministry blog" so i thought i'd let you know. he also put up some pictures recently that i thought you might be interested in seeing.

04 February 2009

from "the gospel for real life" by jerry bridges

The fact is, however, that even as believers we continue to sin even though we are no longer under its dominion. And when we sin-and even our best deeds are stained with sin- we do that which apart from Christ would call down God's curse upon us. Our consciences know that and will continually bring accusations against us. Our only safe response is to plead guilty to those accusations without trying to minimize them. Having done that, we must go back to the gospel and remind ourselves that the curse of the Law no longer has a claim against us. And then in grateful response to what God has done for us in Christ, we set ourselves to put to death by the power of the Spirit those very sins of which our consciences condemn us. Only in this way can we continually glory in the cross and enjoy the unsearchable riches of Christ.