23 July 2008


"we" finally broke down and bought one. maggie was pretty disappointed that she couldn't go in it. gwyneth seems to like it.

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22 July 2008


we had a great weekend in williamsburg, va. we had a very comfortable place to stay and really enjoyed the church family. we visited the jamestown settlement on monday and had lunch and some ice cream around town. our camera battery died so we didn't get too many pictures=) we drove home last night and are spending the day unpacking and doing laundry.
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15 July 2008

crafts of the "week"

well, we are using "week" evangelistically these days but here are a few that we liked:

maggie's sheep-she calls her "mareeka"

maggie's starscape

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if you look closely...

you'll see 2 teeth in that smile. they came in a few weeks ago but this is the first good picture. she is also rolling over so i don't have to worry about her not developing anymore=)

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gwyneth's new trick

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hopefully our last 4th of july celebration for a while...

we had a fun time w/ the casilli and some other couples from their church and wesley. steve and wesley got a little carried away with the fireworks but no one was hurt=)

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10 July 2008

under the weather

i was pretty sick on tuesday evening and then maggie woke up with a bad fever on tues. night. it took all night and day yesterday but she is finally back to her normal self. steve lovingly and patiently took care of all of us!
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05 July 2008

where has the time gone?

thanks for praying for my family. we came back from myrtle beach on thursday and steve is on his way to north carolina for a deputation meeting tomorrow. the girls and i stayed home to try and get some rest. i'll try to post some pictures of the last 2 weeks soon.
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