23 April 2007

here in allentown

we've had a great missions conference and are on our way to maine. just thought i'd post a quick family pic. from sunday.
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17 April 2007

the park

it doesn't seem like that long ago that maggie's cousins were as little as maggie...
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12 April 2007

how big is maggie?

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we didn't get too many pictures but we had a great time attending our home church and having lunch with family and friends at the spanish ministry.
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11 April 2007


last weekend we celebrated soraya's birthday by a trip to the spa, lake lure and a surprise birthday party. besides the cold weather, it was a great weekend!
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back to normal

when we're home, we sometimes do things that seem like more "normal" life. last week maggie and i went to the mall. i sat on the bench with the other moms and she played in the play area. she thoroughly enjoyed herself. and i did, too.
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05 April 2007


we are desperately trying to get our apartment packed up. maggie likes to help!
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maggie enjoyed her first taste of panera's broccoli cheddar soup last week. as you can see, she loved it!
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we spent last week in indianapolis for a missions conference. we had a wonderful time and made some great friends. these pics are from a shopping and lunch outing with ava and emma and their mommy.
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