25 May 2007

lake keowee

the casillases and the mexico mission team had a few days of "training" out on the lake. of course we had to go visit (and say our goodbyes)
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my happy mother's day

we spent the day in ohio and were glad to attend the evening service at tri-county and fellowship with friends. we even got to have communion. it was just what we needed.
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the bucks

phil, larie and johnny drove 45 minutes to come and see us in new hampshire. maggie and johnny were glad to finally meet! thanks for coming, guys!
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24 May 2007


Thanks to Joy I have to do this fun little game.

After posting these rules, each player proceeds to list 8 relatively random facts/habits about himself/herself. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, leaving them a comment on their blogs to let them know.
Well I don't think I have very many interesting facts about myself but I'll try:
1. I like Thai food.
2. I have a birthmark on my nose that was really bright when I was born.
3. Since January of 2006 I've spent at least one night in at least 14 different states.
4. I have visited 5 different IKEA stores in the U.S.
5. I never heard of homeschooling until I went to college.
6. I love peanut butter. Like, I eat it by the spoonful.
7. My biggest fear is driving off of a bridge and drowning in my car.
8. I cried when Punky Brewster's dog died.
And I “tag” the following people:
Jenn, Ashley, Larie and Tina
and that's all b/c I have to keep unpacking and getting ready for Maggie's party!

08 May 2007


the whole experience was a little upsetting for maggie. she loves animals so putting one on the table was just too much.
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04 May 2007

cadillac mountain

the view was beautiful. the air was a little cold.
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for emmalein

maggie wanted to be sure to try a blueberry muffin with real maine blueberries. she loved it! (why are 1/2 of our posts about food??)
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our place

we're finishing up a week in this cute little house. our place is around back. we have a living room/bedroom with a kitchen and nice-sized bathroom. we have throroughly enjoyed it!
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03 May 2007


we've enjoyed visiting the real ll bean store and many bean outlets! maggie couldn't quite talk her dad in to the leather couch, though. doesn't it look comfy?
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maggie loves crabmeat. does that surprise anyone???
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allentown friends

more friends that we'll never forget (trad, sydney and tori)!

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maggie enjoyed swings in pa and in me.
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01 May 2007

some catching up to do

since the last post we've been to stay with friends in connecticut, ministered at an extremely God-centered missions conference in corinth, me and have landed in bar harbor (read bah hahbah) for a little vacation. i'll do my best to post from the last few weeks this week (in between naps, walks along the coast and trips to ll bean!)

history lesson

while in allentown we visited the whitfield house-a museum about the moravians mostly and a little about whitfield. it was a beautiful day and maggie enjoyed the lesson in church history (and fun time with daddy!)
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more chinese please!!

maggie has ventured in to the world of table food in the last few weeks. sometimes she eats it with her hands, sometimes i grind it up and spoon feed her and sometimes she gets kind of upset and just screams (usually at church dinners or restaurants). she really liked the hunan vegetables=)
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chik fil a

just another maggie and taylor adventure from a few weeks ago when we were in gville!
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