30 January 2009

outing wih the nicholsons

last monday we went on an outing to llandudno with the nicholsons.  we made a few stops and then drove up the great orme.  we hit a red light on the steepest part so steve has officially been initiated to driving a stick in north wales.  it was a little scary but he did fine.  we had a picnic, the older kids played on the playground and then we went home very tired!

18 January 2009

happy birthday, gwyneth!!

we had a fun birthday party for gwyneth yesterday.  we can hardly believe it's been a whole year.  we still do not have internet access at our house so this is all i can do=)  

08 January 2009

christmas pictures

we made some new friends from indonesia via london (oxford) this christmas. they stayed w/ joe and abbie but we were able to spend some time with them, too. they are great photographers so here's a link to their blog if you would like to see.
in other news, our internet is supposed to be connected next week. i'll keep you posted.

01 January 2009

merry christmas and a happy new year!

we're celebrating new year's day at the nicholsons' so i thought i'd post a quick picture.  we're doing well though we miss everyone sooo much!  we are supposed to have internet at our house in another week or so.