26 October 2010

amelia joy

tired but happy mummy
proud daddy
our little family


04 October 2010

for just a few more days...

on saturday we took the girls to a park and today steve took us all out to breakfast. it's hard to believe that we won't be a family of four much longer! i am so thankful for our little family-it's hard to believe it could be any better. that is grace upon grace!
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harvest sunday

we had a great day yesterday for our harvest sunday. we had lunch at the church followed by an afternoon service. we also made some new friends who came as our guest speaker and family.  it's the closest thing to thanksgiving that we have here.  for the 2nd year in a row, we were able to get some gourds from our local florist.  most people around here aren't very familiar with them and even ask "what do you do with them?" but everyone seems to like them and for us they are a little bit of home.
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01 October 2010

almost here!

Don't worry, this photo was taken when the sun was shining in JULY.
Lord willing, our new little baby will be here in less than a week. while this hasn't been the easiest pregnancy and there are many things that i hope will quickly fade from my memory, there are a few things i hope i never forget:
the relief of hearing her heartbeat after a scary trip to the hospital not knowing what was going on.
the surprise and joy in the girls' eyes when they felt her move for the first time.
the wonder we all felt when the girls came to see the midwife with me and heard the heartbeat.
these last few weeks of just the four of us.  
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