27 March 2009

we interrupt this regularly scheduled program...

just entered this contest and i get a 2nd try if i post about it here. i hope you don't win=)

26 March 2009

our little gwyn

gwyneth is such a little sweetheart.  she loves to cuddle and giggle.  she is walking like a pro and even trying to say some words (but mostly just pointing and screaming).  our favorite is when she walks up and just grabs our legs in a big hug.  what a precious gift!

the beach I

it was so nice out last friday we ate a quick lunch and drove 5 minutes down to the beach to enjoy it!

my baby!  (notice the funny twist thing she does with her tongue)

some welsh for you
gwyneth is all mclean as far as looks go!
maggie can't help but love the beach.  it's in her blood!

the beach II

the mclean women

daddy's girls
have to have one of these pictures, right?
the promenade
maggie's bike

walking trail

just past the park there are 2 great walking trails.  one is usually pretty muddy and leads up a hill.  that's where steve likes to hike in the mornings.  the other is where i usually walk.  it's fun because it's just on the other side of a neighborhood fence but you feel pretty secluded.  these pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  we walked a bit on both trails.  maggie is a great hiker!  and gwyneth is seems to like the backpack.

23 March 2009



we went with the nicholsons on a drive to see snowdon nat'l park.  we turned back and had a picnic in betws-y-coed and had a look in the shops.  they had a friend visiting from the states and went on to see several other sites which we were not up for.

the park

there are 2 parks w/in walking distance from our flat.  this one is our favorite.  they just put in a bunch of new equipment, too.

20 March 2009

a little more explanation

short version: it's like st. patrick's day but for wales.
long version: wikipedia

16 March 2009

st. david's day

st. david's day was actually march 1 but i bought outfits for the girls on sale afterward.  so here is maggie all ready for next year!

11 March 2009

is it march already???

here are some pictures from Christmas.  it seems like such a long time ago!

catching up

if you really want to, you can see photos of gwyneth's 1st birthday here

10 March 2009

rethinking the blog

i spent some time alone at a coffee shop this morning for a short, personal retreat. it was a blessing to think through different areas of my life and see how the Lord is working and to pray and set some personal goals. one area i would like to see change is the blog. i started it while we were on deputation and it was a good way to keep the family updated on where we were and how/what the kids were doing. our lives have changed so much in the past 4 months that i think the blog should, too. i know i have some catching up to do (christmas, gwyneth's birthday, etc.) but other than that i'd like to rename it and come back to it with a little more purpose. i still want to post lots of pictures of the kids but i'd also like to share some of the great and not so great things we're experiencing. (have i mentioned the girls have hand, foot and mouth disease?) so if you have any suggestions for what you'd like me to post about or if you have an idea for a new name, please let me know. if anyone comes up with a really good name i might even send you some welsh tea!
thanks for tuning in.