29 August 2007

another girl!

the Lord has blessed us with another girl. as of today we are 21 weeks and 3 days along in our adventure. the baby looks healthy and we're all happy!

28 August 2007

always taken care of

we were in a panera bread co. in pa and a man came over and gave maggie his laptop which was hooked up to his cable tv so that she could watch some children's shows while she waited for her food. i'd say deputation hasn't been too hard on her!
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daddy's backpack

she loves it!
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23 August 2007


we had a great week helping with the CEF day camp in Beach Lake, PA. Maggie was pretty under the weather for a few days but we all recovered.
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wedding and the arnolds

before taking off on this trip, we were able to attend erika and stephen's wedding. thanks to daniel, jenn and caleb for watching maggie!
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21 August 2007

blowing kisses

sorry we haven't posted too much. we'll try to do better this week. in the mean time, be assured that maggie is winning hearts all over northeastern pa.
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07 August 2007


just a few shots of steve in wales. we are even more excited to get there!
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