30 October 2009

a trip to the dentist in the midst of everything else going on...

gwyneth was too sick to be seen but the dentist checked out our teeth and we were so proud of maggie. she was a trooper!! not one tear.

21 October 2009

school update

school has been going pretty well. on fridays we try to get together with the nicholsons to have a special snack and craft. it is supposed to correspond with the letter we are working on but that doesn't always work out. "b" for bears and "a" for apples, for instance.
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16 October 2009


the pumpkins finally arrived at our little tesco this week. they are not really eaten around here (read: no pumpkin pie, no pumpkin bread, no pumpkin nothin'!) we had a very exciting outing to pick out our pumpkin including riding in the toy car and enjoying the beautiful sunset. we went home and ate some apple crumble. it was no pumpkin patch adventure but it was a good memory.

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15 October 2009

our Lord's day in wrexham

steve preached on sunday morning at a church about 45 minutes from here. we spent the afternoon with the minister and his wife and cute little daughter. maggie loved feeding the ducks and we loved the fellowship!

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13 October 2009


we have officially begun packing today for our move on the 23rd of october. here is a photo of our new bungalow. i think bungalow just means it's one story. we are very excited. while we have loved living in the centre of town, we are looking forward to a house with a yard, garage, etc. the house is on the same street as the nicholsons' house. well, off to pack!
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