25 March 2008


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a lot has happened in 10 years...

here are some pictures from our class reunion and picnic. i didn't get as many pictures as i would have liked and yes, i spent most of my time with people who live in greenville. i'm a little introduce-myself-and-make-small-talked-out these days=) it was a blessing to see old friends and to think of those who couldn't be there because they are in cambodia, dominican republic, austria, etc. serving the Lord. we look forward to the sweet fellowship in heaven with them and those who come to Christ through their ministry.

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11 March 2008

ordination pictures

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He Who Would Valiant Be

here are the newly ordained ministers. what a blessing and what a responsibility.

"My job is to keep him in the pulpit." -Bethan Lloyd-Jones
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07 March 2008

next stop...ordination!

we are happy to announce that steve passed his ordination questioning last night and will be ordained to the gospel ministry this coming sunday at mount calvary! the Lord is so good.
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