11 April 2007

back to normal

when we're home, we sometimes do things that seem like more "normal" life. last week maggie and i went to the mall. i sat on the bench with the other moms and she played in the play area. she thoroughly enjoyed herself. and i did, too.
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Cherith said...

Oh, how fun! I just noticed that play area at the mall yesterday. We didn't have time to stop and play, but Adelyn was envying all those kids from up on the second level! We'll have to go together sometime when you're home again!

Melanie said...

i love how the title is "back to normal" as maggie is chewing on that table. hmmm. is that normal? :o)

marcia said...

cherith, i talked with maggie and she's sure that adelyn would love the play area-especially since she's walking! hopefully we can go in this summer.

unfortunately maggie chews on everything-and if she's not chewing on it, she's spitting up on it!!