14 September 2007

lost and found and answered prayer

just a few of the precious pictures from maggie's first few weeks of life that we thought we lost. these were in addition to about 2 years of digital pictures. the Lord is so gracious.


Eric, Cherith & Adelyn Newton said...

okay, that scared me for a minute--I pull up your blog and see pictures of you in the hospital with a baby--i thought you'd had your 2nd one already!! glad you haven't gone into labor prematurely and that you found the lost pictures! :0)
are you home now?

marcia said...

that's hilarious. i didn't even think of that. we're just here until tomorrow. i had hoped to see you but things are crazy. we'll be back oct. 15, the Lord willing. maybe adelyn and maggie can carve pumpkins together or something.

Eric, Cherith & Adelyn Newton said...

pumpkins would be fun! sorry we missed seeing each other this week--it was pretty crazy for me too. see you in a few weeks, then!

The Abbott said...

WOW... I am seconding the comment left before.. you scared me too death.. I was like wait we were only gone for two days on vacation and my mom filled me in on most of the goings on and this was not one of them..:) Glad you found your pictures. The Lord is good in blessing us with children!