16 October 2008


well,  we had a good week of meetings in va.  all of our worldly goods are at hampton park waiting to be shipped.  we leave friday for our final deputation meetings in in and ohio.  we are staying in a friends' over the garage apartment the rest of this week and from oct. 28-12 when we leave for wales.  27 days to go!  the Lord has taken care of us and helped us to get everything done.  the girls are doing ok but maggie already misses her toys.  steve's mom has been here to watch them this week and that's been a huge help.  thanks for your prayers.  i'll blog when i can.

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Ellen said...

Do you want to borrow some toys when you come back to keep Maggie (and Gwyneth) occupied until you leave for Wales? We have way more than our kids need, and 2 weeks is a long time to go without toys. :o) Let me know.

BTW: It was great to see you on Wednesday!