19 November 2008

finally here!

it's been a busy week but we are very thankful for everything we've been able to do.  steve has been practicing driving, begun painting our apartment, and worked on a number of other odds and ends.  the girls have been adjusting.  the time change wasn't too bad but gwyneth seems to have some sort of a cold.  i've been busy buying appliances.  it's been kind of fun and kind of overwhelming.  the temptation to speak with a british accent is almost too much at times.  the nicholsons are taking very good care of us and we are so glad to be here!


Erika said...

Seeing both of your families all together is just amazing!!!! Praise the Lord!

And have fun getting settled in--I can just hear the accent now!

We love you guys!

The Abbott said...

yeah!!! We are excited for you all. Keep us posted.. with lots of pictures!! :)

Ellen said...

Your families look wonderful together! We miss you, but we are so happy for you that you are in Wales!!! Happy settling in. :o)

greenemama said...

i laughed out loud about being tempted to speak with a british accent! i can totally see that.

glad you made it safely, etc.

Jennifer Arnold said...

Sure do miss you guys! Loved seeing an actual picture of you finally there.