10 March 2009

rethinking the blog

i spent some time alone at a coffee shop this morning for a short, personal retreat. it was a blessing to think through different areas of my life and see how the Lord is working and to pray and set some personal goals. one area i would like to see change is the blog. i started it while we were on deputation and it was a good way to keep the family updated on where we were and how/what the kids were doing. our lives have changed so much in the past 4 months that i think the blog should, too. i know i have some catching up to do (christmas, gwyneth's birthday, etc.) but other than that i'd like to rename it and come back to it with a little more purpose. i still want to post lots of pictures of the kids but i'd also like to share some of the great and not so great things we're experiencing. (have i mentioned the girls have hand, foot and mouth disease?) so if you have any suggestions for what you'd like me to post about or if you have an idea for a new name, please let me know. if anyone comes up with a really good name i might even send you some welsh tea!
thanks for tuning in.


Laura said...

I love this idea! I check your blog frequently and would really love to see your perspective of the mission field, the joys of working for the Lord, as well as struggles so I can know how to pray better for you and your family! But do please keep the pictures coming because I always love pictures of cute kids! :) I'll be thinking of a good name....welsh tea sounds yummy!! Praying for y'all!

Jennifer Arnold said...

Beautiful Feet
"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things." Romans 10:15

Jennifer Arnold said...

...or... Fancy Feet?
I'm onto the feet thing.

We'll pray for your girls.

Johanna said...

No creative ideas for titles, but looking forward to whatever you come up with and keeping up with your blog.

Ellen said...

I'm not very creative, but I'll try to think of a good title.

So sorry to hear that your girls have hand, foot, and mouth disease. Andrew had it right before we moved when he was 2 1/2. It was the most miserable 4-5 days ever--he's not the best patient. :o) I'll be praying that your girls will heal quickly. It really is a miserable sickness. Hang in there!

mels said...

Since I pretty much neglect my own blog, and since I rely on FB (too much) for updates on friends, I'm afraid I've been a poor frequenter of blogs lately. :o( Which doesn't mean that you should stop writing though!

Ha! The first thing that came to my mind for a new title was "Welsh Rarebits" which of course is the alteration of welsh rabbit, which of course has absolutely nothing to do with rabbits! But I was just thinking of bits of information that not everybody might hear, you know, like your girls' recent illness or interesting facts about Wales or whatever. Kind of silly, I know. I'll see if anything else comes to mind!