16 April 2009

chester, england

a few weeks ago we visited chester, england for the day. it was a little bit of home for us as we visited a tk maxx (just like tj maxx) and starbucks. there was also a live nativity which maggie enjoyed. i think it was supposed to be evangelistic but we didn't stay for the whole thing. the idea being "you never know where/when Jesus is going to show up." interesting.

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mels said...

There's a TK Maxx that opened up not too far from my place at the beginning of the month. And what's right next to it? Yep, a Starbucks! I was thinking that's the place for you! What's kind of funny is that when I was in there I saw one of my American friends shopping there too! Did the TK Maxx in Chester smell like TJ Maxx in America? I thought the one in Hamburg did.