20 May 2009

our trip part i

my birthday started out with beautiful flowers and a "happy birthday" latte from the coffee shop down the street. the barista wrote "happy birthday" on my cup. he usually makes a heart or an "m" w/ the froth on top but since this had a lid he settled for writing in marker. it's kind of a funny little joke we have. anyway, then we headed off to bangor which is a university town. we had some coffee and did some shopping. then we bought sandwiches and drove on to the island of anglesey. we ate in the car along the side of the road with a beautiful view (sorry, no pics!)

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Ellen said...

Sounds like a great birthday!

Jennifer Arnold said...

what a lovely time.

Lois McLean said...

What a blessing for you! Glad to see the pictures - the B&B looked really nice....Mom Mc