24 August 2009

notable quotables

steve "maggie, do you think you'll get married when you grow up?"
maggie "yes and i'll have 2 children named molly and elizabeth!"

a few days later:
maggie "i'm going to a wedding."
steve "oh really?"
maggie "yes, i'm going to marry christopher robin."
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Jennifer Arnold said...

That's cute. Caleb still says he's going to marry his mama when he grows up. But the other day he was sitting in a chair very pensively with his arms extended and when I asked him what he was thinking about, he said, "I'm holding my baby and thinking about my wife."

Is that Rhyl?

Donna said...

Marcia and Jennifer--both of your quotes made me laugh! Kids come out with the cutest things! And, as long as it's Christopher Robin, Marcia--no worries!

Ellen said...

Hey, at least Maggie has good taste. I just wonder where Hundred Acre Wood is??? Very cute nonetheless.

Lydia wants to marry David K from church, but I think that's only because Sarah wants to marry James K, and Andrew wants to marry Sarah K, so she's keeping the spouses in the same family.

mels said...

funny! i actually know someone named christopher robin, but he is too old for maggie and already married.