01 September 2009

"crazy steve" and party in the park

last friday steve was able to help out with the "party in the park" in part sponsored by the youth centre where he has volunteered. they had a good turn out and he was able to make some contacts and continue relationships with adults and teens alike. "crazy steve" was also there and the 2 steves did race on the bungee course. they said it was a draw but i think my steve won. "crazy steve" and his family have been a real encouragement to us. he is employed at the youth centre and and they attend a church in another town. the best part of the night was watching maggie do the bungee course. when we got there she said, "i want to do that." now, maggie can get excited about things only to flip out in fear when she actually tries to do them. but not this time. she did the whole thing by herself. she even let the police support officer help her. i was really proud of her!
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four.figs said...

Way to go, Maggie! Adelyn is the same way--she is such a scaredy-cat (she's her mother's daughter!). I think Ezra, however, will be just the opposite....I'll have to get over my fears and just let him be a boy :) Adelyn said "Good Job, Maggie!"