18 January 2010

happy birthday gwyneth grace!

we are so thankful for our little gwyn. she is our clown. our cuddler. our stubborn one. she thinks the world of maggie but is so very different than her. she adores her daddy. and the Lord has taught me much of His grace and mercy through her. we love you, gwyn!

and a special happy birthday to gwyneth's "twin" (one year later). it is on days like today that the possiblity of play dates and friend birthday parties seem just out of reach and over the ocean. we miss you ezra!

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James said...

Happy Birthday Gwyneth!
(I wonder if you even remember us!!)
Enjoy the wrapping paper!
James and Felicity

Jennifer Arnold said...

Happy Birthday, Gwyneth! We miss you so much.

Kyle & CeAnn said...

Happy Birthday, Gwyneth! Miss you all very, very much!