31 March 2010

some nuggets from maggie

nugget #1
a while ago i taught maggie that "baptize" means "to dip."  (thank you dr. bell=) she didn't say much more about it until the other day.  she explained to me that sometimes she "baptizes" her cheese toastie when she dips it in her ketchup.  i guess that means she got it?
nugget #2
i don't usually compliment maggie on her appearance but today when i was cutting her hair i couldn't help but tell her that i think she is so cute.  this lead to a discussion about prov. 31:30 which she has memorized and i asked her what is more important than beauty. to this she replied "being praised!" 
i have some more work to do here.


Deborah said...

Too funny!

Sounds familiar somehow... :o)

Ellen said...

LOL! Maggie is a hoot! I'm sure you are enjoying her and hope you are writing these things down. I so enjoy what my kids say (except when they see someone smoking and say out loud for all to hear "Why is so-and-so smoking? Doesn't he know that is bad for his health???" Then I just want to disappear!) though I so quickly forget and don't always get it written down. Miss you guys!

J.H said...

hahaha... :-)
Isn't that true that we need no telly when we have kids? they are our 24 hour entertainment :D

CeAnn said...

These had Kyle and I laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

Where's the "like" button? :-) Too cute!