29 May 2010

4 years and a day

i never knew it was possible that one person could drive me so crazy and at the same time,
i could love her so much.
happy birthday, margaret bethan. i love you!
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Bethany said...

Four years old! Big stuff, Maggie! Happy Birthday!

J.H said...

happy birthday sweet Maggie :-) May the Lord bless you abundantly!
p.s : Marcia, has the nicholson changes their phone? or have they gone for furlough? we tried to call them 3 weeks in a row and failed :-(

Ellen said...

Wow! So hard to believe that she's 4!!! I remember holding her in the hospital so that you could blow dry your hair. It was a rough assignment, but I thought it was the servant-like thing to do. :) Doesn't seem like it was 4 years ago though! What a big girl you have!