13 August 2010

friday night-pizza night!

just a few photos from last week's pizza night. we made potato pizza and pepperoni pizza. and milkshakes and a movie for dessert!

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J.H said...

gwyneth looks so grown up in this pics marcia.
Hope everything goes well in Wales :-)

Cherith said...

Cute, cute! Can't believe how big Gwyn is getting!!! Looks like you and Maggie got haircuts? And what is potato pizza??

the mcleans said...

yes, gwyneth is growing up but she is still very much the baby...for 7 more weeks anyway! it's going to be an adjustment.
yes, my hair ended up not being as angled as last time but it's easy to fix. i cut maggie's hair a little shorter than i meant to. oh well.
and...potato pizza is incredible! my friend's mom used to make it growing up: regular pizza crust, leftover mashed potatoes, cheese and bacos. i couldn't find bacos, though so i just cooked some bacon and used that. we loved it but not everyone does=)