01 October 2010

almost here!

Don't worry, this photo was taken when the sun was shining in JULY.
Lord willing, our new little baby will be here in less than a week. while this hasn't been the easiest pregnancy and there are many things that i hope will quickly fade from my memory, there are a few things i hope i never forget:
the relief of hearing her heartbeat after a scary trip to the hospital not knowing what was going on.
the surprise and joy in the girls' eyes when they felt her move for the first time.
the wonder we all felt when the girls came to see the midwife with me and heard the heartbeat.
these last few weeks of just the four of us.  
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J.H said...

miracle of life :-) praying for smooth delivery!

TRBix said...

Bon courage! Grateful to hear of God's goodness thus far, and eager to hear of the newest little McLeanette's arrival.

Had to smile at your comment about the sun in July. Having just returned from a few days in Scotland, we now understand why your grass is so wonderfully green across the channel. :)

The McPeters Fam! said...

Praying Praying Praying!

Love the pic. Must have been taken around the time we came over. All the Welsh just kept telling us they were having "American weather!"

Praying for you - can't wait to see the pics!

~ Michelle McPeters

Ellen said...

Hope your delivery goes well. For some reason, I thought you were due in November, but it's exciting that you are so near the end! Can't wait to see pics of the newest McLean. Will be praying for you. Just sad that I won't be able to visit you in the hospital afterwards! :(

Ayrian and Bob said...

To all the McLeans, including your new little one... we are praying for you and a safe delivery. Our Kids'Church sends you their love, and a package is soon on its way! We love you, Mom and Dad J