09 November 2010

starting her young

we had our first outing while my mom was here. it was to tk maxx, of course! you can see that steve is thrilled=) we even went out to eat afterward. i regret to report that i did not take any photos of our first trip to ikea on the way home from the airport. oh well, we'll just have to go back!!

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Erika said...

I love it!! And I remember seeing you and your mom in TJ Maxx at Cherrydale shortly after Gwyneth was born--hysterical!!

the mcleans said...

i know. i was remembering that time. wish we would have seen you there this time!

Ellen said...

You're right. Steve definitely does not look as thrilled as you and your girls about your little shopping outing! :)

BTW: You look great! Hope you feel as good as you look.