08 June 2009

some updates

i took gwyn to the dr. ("surgery") on friday. he thought that she did not have a stomach virus but that it was her old constipation issues acting up again. he gave her some meds and she's been doing better but still not eating a lot. he laughed when i told him that she's lost weight. notice that in the photos from sunday she is wearing a 2t dress that maggie wore last summer=) anyway, i did pass the written part of my driving exam and plan to book the actual driving part a.s.a.p. please continue to pray for that. when we got home from the testing centre this morning, i rang abbie who said that both of her children were sick this morning. a few minutes later, maggie vomited. so we're in the thick of it right now. steve is working hard to get all of the paperwork sorted so that we can all be certified to work with children. we hope to have some sort of holiday Bible club in july or august. school is almost year round here. they do get a lot of bank holidays and a week here and there but july 18-sept. is the main summer break. well, i think that's everything for now.
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Lois McLean said...

Beautiful little girls!