26 June 2009

a song for today

A MAN there is, a real man,
who once on Calvary died.
His blood for guilty sinners ran
from hands and feet and side.

'Tis no wild fancy of our brains,
no metaphor we speak;
The same dear man in heaven now reigns,
that suffered for our sake.

This wondrous Man of whom we tell,
is true Almighty God;
He brought our souls from death and hell;
the price, His own heart's blood.

That human heart He still retains,
though throned in highest bliss;
and feels each tempted member's pains;
for our affliction's His.

Come then, repenting sinner, come;
approach with humble faith;
owe what you will, the total sum
is canceled by His death.

His blood can cleanse the sin-stained soul,
and wash our guilt away;
He will present us sound and whole
in that tremendous day.

Joseph Hart, 1712-1768

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