18 January 2011

happy birthday, gwyneth!

due to illness, gwyneth's birthday party was cancelled last friday night. this photo is from our new year's pork and sauer kraut dinner(postponed thanks to illness)/ goodbye to the nicholsons/ birthday party from sunday. it's been a rough start to the year but we are still very thankful for our crazy, not-so-little girl who was actually my "easy" baby! she is loads of fun, speaks with a bit of a british accent and falls down more than any child i've ever seen (to quote our neighbor). she doesn't sit still for long but she admires her older sister and loves to take care of her younger one. her sun rises and sets on her daddy (as with all of the girls in this house). she is easy to love but a little hard to keep up with. happy birthday to my little sausage-gwyneth grace!
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