03 February 2011


we finally went to london for the first time last week. we had to visit the u.s. embassy to apply for amelia's passport (which we received in the post today). after a 2 hour stay at the embassy, we headed over to oxford street. it was very cold and very crowded and we were overwhelmed! we had just a few hours before heading back to our friend's house so we braved the tube so that we could at least see big ben. the girls did great and i'll never forget coming up out of the tube station and there it was: big. ben. we walked around for a bit and saw the thames before getting back on the tube and going home. we just kept praising the LORD for giving us such a smooth visit.
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Ellen said...

Very cool! If we ever make it over that way, which we'd love to do sometime, we'll definitely have to see London and Big Ben.

TRBix said...

Fun! We love great excuses to make little day trips like that. And I would say little Amelia is a GREAT excuse! :)